Flower Bed Clean Up

Flower Bed Weeding

  • Weeds are persistent, and they will constantly encroach on landscape beds.
  • A solid weed control approach is necessary to get the best results. This begins with weeding flower beds manually (roots and all!) to remove the mature weeds.
  • Next we apply the pre-emergent weed treatment in early winter and again in the spring, to prevent the weeds from growing past the soil’s surface.
  • Of course, post-emergent remedies can be used after the weed is visible above the soil, but make sure to only use directly on the weed.
  • Lastly, a layer of mulch will make life more difficult for weeds by blocking carbon dioxide and sunlight. 
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Flower Planting/Replacing

Perennials are plants that grow for more than two years, and there are two types:

Woody Plants

Woody plants such as trees, shrubs and vines.​

Non-Woody Plant

Non-Woody herbaceous plants, which die back into the soil in the fall. The roots survive, and these perennials will grow back each spring.

Perennials are popular because they require minimal maintenance and they provide consistency in flower beds. In addition, they are cost-effective, as they do not need to be replaced each year. During the fall, we trim and prune after the final bloom so new growth can happen during the next season.

Get your flower bed clean-up in Flower Mound done, we’ll make them look beautiful year-round.

Annuals are planted both in the spring and early fall, depending on the species:


Zinnia, Celosia, and Marigold will bloom through the summer.


Pansies, Petunias, Dianthus, and Ornamentals prefer autumn, and can last through a North Texas winter.

Remember, plants grow at different paces and in different sizes, and this can result in one plant dominating a flower bed. In cases where plants are too close together, your beautiful flower bed can become overgrown.

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