Landscape Maintenance

Weekly Mowing (March – October) Includes:

Lawn mowing

Yards do best when no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is cut off, which is why we recommend weekly mowing.

Weed Eater/Edging

Around landscape borders, sidewalks, pathways and driveways.

Blowing grass & debris

Final touches, clean up.

Bi-Weekly Mowing (November-February):

Includes the same items as weekly mowing except this service is done in the “off season” when grass does not grow as quickly.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Mowing

  • Weekly mowing keeps your lawn at its healthiest and looking its best and is an essential part of lawn maintenance. As the lawn is cut it will be more uniform and you will have greener-looking grass.
  • You’ll enjoy consistency and add value to your property. If fertilizer and nutrients have also been applied, your lawn will grow even faster!
  • Grasses are living organisms and do best when 1/3 or less of the grass blade is removed with each cut.
  • This reduces the amount of thatch that will build up over time, as the smaller pieces of grass will break down and act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.
  • Properly maintained lawns tend to have less weeds and are also more drought resistant over the summer months.
mowing the lawn. A perspective of green grass cut strip. Selecti
Fresh green backyard

Advantages of Weekly as opposed to Bi-Weekly:

  • After 2 weeks of growth, the grass clippings will clump together and large blades of grass will blanket the lawn. (It’s also harder on the lawn equipment)
  • This makes breathing more difficult for your yard, as the roots and soil will not receive the proper water, oxygen, and microbial nutrients they need for proper health and growth.
  • It is healthy for the lawn to keep the small scattered clippings, as they will decay, providing these needed nutrients.

In North Texas, our grasses consist of three turf types:


Should be mowed at 2 inches​


Should be mowed between 2.5 and 4 inches


Should be mowed between 1.5 and 4 inches

Included in our lawn maintenance services are


  • Trimming back shrubs prevents overgrowth, and allows more sunlight to penetrate nearby plants and soil.
  • Trimming the grass accentuates the lines of the lawn and planting beds, and produces a well-manicured look.
  • Trimming and edging are each completed after mowing during landscape maintenance.


  • The benefits of edging go beyond looks. Of course, edging creates clean lines between your lawn and the driveway, sidewalk, curb, and landscaping beds.
  • Because of that defined line, the edge keeps grass from encroaching. For a manicured, neat appearance, it requires keeping up with edging on a regular basis.
  • This means weekly during spring and early summer, as the landscape is growing quickly.

Blow all Clippings/Debris

  • It is healthy for the lawn when short clippings stay in the grass, as it provides nutrients back to the soil.
  • It is not beneficial, however, to leave them on the concrete 🙂

Optional Bagging Service

  • Although it is healthy for small clippings to stay on the lawn, we do offer to bag the clippings for an additional charge.

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