Lawn Care


  • Our soil, especially clay soil in Texas, often becomes compacted. When soil becomes compacted, plants don’t grow well.
  • This is because water, oxygen, and nutrients have a very difficult time reaching the needed depth in the root system to maintain a healthy and growing lawn.
process of aeration

Taking steps towards improving compacted soil will help your lawn flourish and is essential for attentive lawn care.

aerated grass

This is where Aeration is critical

  • Aeration pulls up soil plugs, which breaks up thatch and loosens up compacted soil, so grass roots have space to grow.
  • Aeration also helps your lawn benefit from fertilizer applications, because treatments can then actually reach the turf roots.
  • Overseeding involves applying new, resilient grass seed to your existing lawn.

Together, Aeration and Overseeding is an important annual activity to revitalize your lawn.

man spreading fertilizer


  • Plant nutrition, including fertilizer, is a very important part of producing healthy lawn growth.
  • Sunshine, Carbon Dioxide, and Water are the minimum requirements for plants to survive, but think of fertilizer as powerful vitamins that are feeding your lawn.

Lawn fertilizer works in combination with important nutrients in your soil, including:


Plays a critical role in cell development and is a key component of molecules that store energy for plants.


Nitrate is critical for all plant life, and forms the backbone of proteins and enzymes.


Increases root growth, and helps to regulate Carbon Dioxide intake.
Young decorative plants of Hosta lancifolia, Sedum and Ornithoga


  • Pre-emergent applications help prevent weeds (particularly Crabgrass) from growing.
  • While they do not prevent the germination of the seed, they do control it so that it will not sprout in your yard.
Rake and leaves

Seasonal Cleanups

It’s time for weekly lawn clean-up! Weekly service from April through September improves the quality, health, and appearance of your lawn. But in Spring and Fall, your landscape needs more attention. Spring cleanups include removing leaves and debris from the lawn and landscaping beds, as leaves can drop year-round in North Texas. We want to have these removed before applying Pre-Emergents, Aerating, Overseeding, or applying a fresh layer of mulch. During Fall cleanups, we’ll remove leaves and debris again, and it’s also time to cut back perennials and trim the shrubs.

The timing of the application is critical

  • If the weed has already sprouted and is visible, we need to move on to a Post-emergent solution.
  • This is easy to remember in North Texas, as we can tie it to the start of Major League Baseball.
art abstract spring background or summer background with fresh g

When Opening Day is here, put the Pre-emergent down!


My favorite is the old-fashioned way, on hands and kneees and let's rip these bad guys out, roots and all!


Attacking the foilage with a spray, and often that is enough to kill the entire plant. (We must be careful not to allow the spray to land on healthy grass and plants)


Using granules that the weed absorbs, flowing our magical poison throughout the weed systematically.

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