Leaf Removal

It’s that time of year, it’s fall y’all! Falling leaves in autumn are a signal that the seasons are changing, and leaf removal is essential to maintaining your lawn health.

All Square Lawn Care offers leaf removal service to lighten the load on your valuable personal and family time. Taking advantage of our leaf removal service lets you enjoy the season rather than spending all your time cleaning up after it.


When moisture accumulates between the leaves and your lawn, fungal diseases can develop and fester.
It is important to remove leaves from your lawn, but not necessarily the ones that settle under bushes and trees. When left to decompose in these areas, leaves will become natural compost for the soil beneath the greenery.
This is beneficial to shrubs and will help keep them healthy and strong. When you let your leaves lie in strategic places, nature will help you with leaf removal.
If you need a little help getting the leaves off of your lawn before the holidays begin, All Square Lawn Care will be glad to do it! 

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