• Mulch creates a rich backdrop for bushes and flower beds, and makes colorful perennials and annuals look amazing. It is also an essential part of landscape maintenance because it stabilizes soil temperature, protects plant roots, and suppresses weed growth.
  • Mulch retains moisture, which is absolutely needed during (crazy) hot North Texas summers!
wheel barrel of mulch

Mulch should be put down after spring and fall cleanups, after installing new plants, and after applying the pre-emergent treatment.

Mulch work around the trees
  • Existing mulch should be churned up to improve the circulation of carbon dioxide and nutrients, and then the fresh mulch layer is evenly spread for 2 to 3 inches on top.
  • When mulching around trees, make sure the mulch is not pushed up against the trunk, creating a volcano effect. Mulch that is too thick and makes a dome around a tree trunk can encourage bacteria and insects that can damage the bark.

Preventing moisture from damaging a home’s foundation is important. Mulch application should force flower beds to slope down and slightly away from the foundation, to ensure no water collection.

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